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Case Histories

A teenager suffered with anterior knee pain for one year which worsened when he played football. He had been born by caesarian section following an unsuccessful and prolonged vaginal delivery. I worked on the compressive forces in his hips and spine and worked on his thigh and leg muscles. I also gave him stretches and suggested he sought advice from his football coach regarding his training. His mother said that his requests for painkillers went from 2/day to 1/week after the second appointment. He had four treatments in 10 weeks and said he felt stronger in his legs and he had more stamina on the pitch, from doing his stretches.

babies feet

A two and a half year old boy came to me having not established a proper sleep pattern since six months old. A difficult birth involving a protracted delivery, which required the use of forceps and ventouse, meant there was tension still being held in the pelvis and cranial bones. I was able to release the tension and allow a sense of ease into the toddler’s body. Following the second appointment his mother said he seemed calmer and had less crying/tantrums during his play-time. His sleep steadily improved in quality and quantity of sleep following a course of five treatments. He no longer woke twice in the night and slept through until 6.30 or sometimes until 7am, which had a dramatic effect on the whole family’s well-being.