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What to expect when I visit? Cost £45 for 45 mins.

Your problem in my hands. I take detailed notes about your history and examine the area and others relevant to find out the possible causes and solutions to your problem.
 I aim to improve your understanding as to why this problem has occurred and what else you can do to help yourself. Osteopathy is patient-centred which means your treatment is focused what your body needs at that time. 
I frequently give stretches, exercises and postural advice.
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Latest research I learn about with National Osteopathic Research Group, Haywards Heath branch. 
Thanks to Holos Healthcare for the Jan 2016 First Aid at Work.


The Practice is working towards becoming Dementia Friendly.

Planking work for you?
Can you do these positions to strengthen your back?http://www.lifeshape.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Plank-Collage.jpg