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Osteopathy for children

Childs posture
My area of special interest is paediatric osteopathy whereby the health of a growing child can be improved. Best practice using gentle cranial techniques involves taking strain away from the delicate spinal structures. Kids and babies can benefit from osteopathy especially in certain cases. Osteopathic treatment may help if your baby has
  • unsettled patterns of excessive crying
  • had a difficult delivery, requiring the use of forceps or ventouse
  • sleeping difficulties  
 As a student osteopath I treated children of primary school age with different needs; with physically handicapped children and those with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I have tutored at the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy formerly the OCC, at Harley St and Clerkenwell.
  Research based evidence has come from a small study on cranial osteopathy with osteopathic treatment in a single centre, some parents perceived the following changes in their children’s behavior, 
reduced crying time and improved sleep. More research is necessary in order to establish whether Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment is effective on this group of patients (cranial massage).
    Having worked with osteopaths from around the world and the very dedicated team working on behalf of the Osteopathic Centre for Children at the Special Baby Unit for premature neonates at Barnet Hospital, Middlesex, I have continued to develop the skills required to treat children and babies in Hove with cranial osteopathy.
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